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Bedroom Organisation for the New Year

‘Every minute spent organising is an hour is earned’.

Bedroom Organisation for the New Year

By Ashlee Durand.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to improve and organise your bedroom? As the new year approaches, it’s great to start it off with a bang.

Getting your home sorted and organised will bring a sense of peace and calm for the year ahead. And being organised is so much more than buying labels and sticking them on everything. It’s about implementing systems that make your life easier. Who doesn’t want to start the year like that?

In your bedroom, a great tip is to start in one area and work your way around. Taking on too much and pulling everything out all at once can be extremely overwhelming. Once that area is completed, move on to the next. I like to start with a good declutter and cull by donating and selling any unwanted items. This includes my linen cupboard, wardrobe, drawers and bedside tables.

When it comes to organising your linen cupboard, I find the use of baskets, tubs and labels the most effective. This allows you to know exactly what is in each section. I keep my like-minded bedding together separated by size, such as one shelf for single bedding, one for king bedding etc.

What I absolutely love about Bamboo Haus’ bedding, is that their 100% Bamboo Sheet Sets come in a handy drawstring bag, making storing and organising them so easy! The sheets come delivered in this colour coded and size labeled bag so you can keep the entire set together and tidy in your linen press. This way you won’t lose the loose matching pillowcases and your bedding will stack easily. I store my sheet sets together in a basket with a label on the front. Making it so easy to find what I am looking for every time I change our sheets.

Another great tip for those low on space, is making use of the space above your wardrobe, a spare bedroom or bedroom cupboard. Our home doesn’t have a lot of storage, so I have used large baskets in these areas and labelled them. Above my wardrobe I have extra quilt covers, and cushions.

I just love using baskets for storage in my bedroom and also a decorative ladder is great to store and keep your throw rugs. If you have the space, a chest at the end of the bed is great for additional storage of your linen. If you are like me and have a lot of decorative cushions and pillows, a chest or bench at the end of the bed, or a chair in the corner of the bedroom is also great for putting the cushions on overnight.

I hope these tips have inspired you to start the new year with a bit of organisation. Being organised is a game changer and saves so much time knowing that everything has a home.

‘Every minute spent organising is an hour is earned’.


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