100% Bamboo Pillowcases


The same amazing quality pillowcases that come with all our sheet sets will go perfectly with any sheet sets.

The light and breathable construction helps to regulate your temperature in the heat of summer and frost of winter. These bamboo fibre pillowcases bring five-star comfort to your bedroom. The superior moisture-wicking ability keeps everything feeling nice and fresh.

Please note that these come in a set of 2 pillowcases.

Quantity 1 = 2 pillowcases for $40

Quantity 2 = 4 Pillowcases for $80

Dusty Rose
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Imagine losing yourself in bedding that is softer than high-grade cotton, and more luxurious than cashmere. It’s not often that something comes around that completely blows your mind!

Straight out of the packet, our pillowcases will be slightly larger than this to allow for a small amount of shrinkage when washed for the first time. This is normal and will only happen for the first wash.

Superior quality: Our team at Bamboo Haus have gone to great lengths to ensure products of superior quality. We know you’ll feel the difference immediately and fall in love with this wonderful, sustainable fabric.

Soft against the skin: The natural round shape of the bamboo fibre has softness like no other fabric.

Bamboo fibre 400 thread count is equivalent to the feel and yet stronger than 1,000 thread count cotton fabrics.

Antibacterial & hypoallergenic: Bamboo fabrics produce fewer allergens, so they are a viable alternative for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. They also suppress bacteria growth, so it’s no surprise the health industry gets on board with bamboo!

Dust mite resistant: The tightly woven fibre and moisture wicking properties of bamboo makes your bedding an unfavourable environment for dust mites.

Thermoregulating: Bamboo fibre has an organic ability to reflect and retain body temperatures longer than man made fabrics. The micro-gaps in Bamboo fibre aid ventilation, by trapping cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, by 2-3 degrees.

*Please note that similar to other natural fibres, bamboo may be prone to slight pilling. To prevent additional pilling, please avoid friction with rough surfaces and follow the wash and care instructions provided with your product.


Burgundy, Charcoal, Dusty Rose, Grey, Khaki, Lilac, Midnight, Mist, Mustard, Natural, Navy, Sage – Olive, Terracotta, White


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