Bamboo Sheet Set – 100% Bamboo

Our signature essentials collection amplifies luxury to your bedroom. Crafted from 100% organic bamboo, this silky-soft sheet set contains many benefits for both yourself and our planetOur Oeko-Tex® certified sheets are toxin free, low allergy, thermo-regulating, moisture wicking, odour resistant, bacteria resistant, vegan, and eco-friendly. You will sleep well knowing you are getting a quality product that looks, feels, and does good!


Single and King Single size sets include 1x Fitted Sheet, 1x Flat Sheet and 1x Pillowcase.

Double, Queen and King size sets include 1x Fitted Sheet, 1x Flat Sheet and 2x Pillowcases.


Please note that the actual product colour may slightly vary from colours shown on your monitor.

Generous sizing to cater to many bed types.

Dusty Rose
King Single
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Sleep Well with Bamboo Haus Bed Sheets 

Our 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet Sets are 400 thread count bamboo, which is approximately equivalent to 1000 thread count cotton. Our sheets are Sateen weave. Sateen sheets are extra soft and are a great choice for durability as they have more warp threads than weft threads. Designed in Australia, you can rest assured knowing you are getting a quality product that has Oeko-Tex® certification and includes extra peace of mind with our 100-Day Guarantee. 

Each Bamboo Sheet Set comes stored in a reusable drawstring bag for your convenience and helps make organising your linen closet easy! 

Straight out of the packet, our Bamboo Sheet Set will be slightly larger to allow for a small amount of shrinkage when washed for the first time. This is normal and will only happen for the first wash. 

Benefits of Bamboo 

Superior quality: Bamboo Haus has gone to great lengths to ensure products of superior quality. We know you will feel the difference immediately and fall in love with this beautiful sustainable fabric. 

Soft against the skin: The natural round shape of the bamboo fibre has softness like no other fabric, making it ideal for a Bamboo Sheet Set

Impressive thread count: 400 thread count is equivalent to the feel, and yet stronger than, 1000 thread count cotton fabrics. 

Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic: Bamboo fabrics produce fewer allergens, so they are a viable alternative for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. They also suppress bacteria growth, so it is no surprise the health industry gets on board with bamboo! 

Dust mite resistant: The tightly woven fibre and moisture wicking properties of bamboo makes your bamboo sheet set an unfavourable environment for dust mites. 

Thermo-regulating: Bamboo fibre has an organic ability to reflect and retain body temperatures longer than man made fabrics. The micro-gaps in Bamboo fibre aid ventilation, by trapping cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, by 2-3 degrees. 

Earth friendly: Cultivation of Bamboo has a green footprint requiring zero water, pesticides, fertilisers, and land clearing, with record C02 consumption. 

Moisture wicking & Odour resistant:  Combined with its antibacterial qualities, Bamboo’s highly porous structure naturally repels odours and is highly absorbent, naturally wicking moisture away from the body. 

** Please note that like other natural fibres, bamboo may be prone to slight pilling. To prevent additional pilling, please avoid friction with rough surfaces and follow the wash and care instructions provided with your Bamboo Sheet Set. 


Dusty Rose, Grey, Khaki, Midnight, Mist, Natural, Terracotta, White


Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King

  1. Andrew Walters

    I had a few pairs of Bamboo Sheets but it turned out they were a blend with cotton. Once I tried the Bamboo Haus 100% Bamboo Sheets I realised what a huge difference there is! I never feel too hot or cold in bed now and the sheets are so soft and lovely to sleep in. I’ve come back & purchased a pair for our spare bed & my kids beds too. I just love them.

  2. Rosalia Ram

    Absolutely love my bamboo sheets. Have just bought my second pair because they feel so comfortable and luxurious to sleep in. Also bought a set for the spare bed (lucky visitors!!) Will be saving up for more sheets for the family – love them more than cotton sheets. Thoroughly recommend

  3. ahmo

    The Best. I have sensitive skin and tend to overheat. For years I’d been sleeping on chenille spreads, as they’re so breathable. When I had to replace my last one, I widened my search, and found bamboo sheets. What a revelation! Breathable, super lightweight. Feels fabulous in summer and winter. I bought 3 sets, dark green, stone, rose. Will last me for years. Only ‘downside’, the cats also love these, so I have to protect them from little claws.

  4. Ngaire Lowry

    So light, silky and luxurious, these beautiful sheets are worth the money. They make getting up in the morning even more difficult! 😂 Together with the bamboo mattress topper, sleeping is such a great experience, its like being in a 5 star hotel bed! I’ve always had good quality cotton sheets, but these beat them hands down, I’ll never go back.

  5. JJ

    Silky soft and cool all night

  6. Liz Kelleher

    Recently bought these sheets after previously having 1000tc cotton sheets. Wow, just wow, so luxurious and soft, better than any hotel sheets! Thoroughly recommend, best investment ever!

  7. melindamerton

    Just purchased our first set of these bamboo sheets and they are unbelievably good! Can’t wait to get into bed everynight now. They feel so fancy and luxurious! 🙂 Fantastic customer service and speedy delivery too. Will be back for more!

  8. Heather

    I purchased my first set of Bamboo Haus sheets a couple of years ago. Wow, the sheets are so soft and luxurious. I also love that the bamboo products are eco friendly.

  9. Jenna Vaughan

    Beautiful sheets. Warm in winter and cool in summer. So perfect!

  10. Karen Johnson

    I purchased a set of these sheets sometime ago & love the silky feel, so much so that I have purchased sheets for my whole family, extended family & friends. They are so easy to wash & can even put them in the drier. I urge everyone to enjoy a great night’s sleep us much as I do. Great product Bamboo Haus!

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Single Sheet Set Width Length Depth
Fitted Sheet 92cm 191cm 40cm
Flat Sheet 190cm 260cm  
Pillowcase (1 x Standard) 51cm 71cm  
King Single Sheet Set Width Length Depth
Fitted Sheet 108cm 204cm 40cm
Flat Sheet 210cm 270cm  
Pillowcase (1 x Standard) 51cm 71cm  
Double Sheet Set Width Length Depth
Fitted Sheet 138cm 192cm 40cm
Flat Sheet 240cm 260cm  
Pillowcase (2 x Standard) 51cm 71cm  
Queen Sheet Set Width Length Depth
Fitted Sheet 153cm 204cm 45cm
Flat Sheet 255cm 275cm  
Pillowcase (2 x Standard) 51cm 71cm  
King Sheet Set Width Length Depth
Fitted Sheet 183cm 204cm 45cm
Flat Sheet 285cm 274cm  
Pillowcase (2 x Standard) 51cm 71cm  
All sheets sold in sets as above, we do not sell individual sheets.