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Revive your pillow

Bamboo Haus Luxury Gel Pillow
Here’s your reminder to go and fluff up your pillows! Pillows need reviving occasionally due to the natural compression that occurs during sleep.

Revive your pillows

A pillow will flatten due to moisture from your body. If you live in a more humid environment, your pillow may compress more quickly. There are a few easy fixes to revive your pillow:

Manually fluff your pillow

When you make your bed in the morning, take an extra 10 seconds to fluff up your pillow. This can be done by shaking and flipping the pillow a few times or by taking the two ends of the pillow and squeezing in and out. Alternatively, you could lightly punch the pillow a few times to help separate the filling and create air pockets. This is recommended to be done a few times per week. It may lead to a more comfortable sleep and can prolong the lifespan of the pillow. This applies to pillows of all types, remember to occasionally plump up your decorative cushions and outdoor pillows too!

Put your pillow in the sun

Leave your pillow outside in the sun for a few hours to let the moisture evaporate. The pillows should naturally fluff up during the day. Just make sure you are putting your pillows onto a clean surface outside; we recommend placing a clean towel or sheet down and place your pillows onto that rather than directly onto outdoor furniture. Remember to flip your pillow throughout the day so that both sides get access to the sunlight and airflow.

Put your pillow in the dryer

If your pillow is made of memory foam (like ours), you can put your pillow in the dryer on a low-heat setting. Heat can damage the memory foam structure and ruin your pillow so it is critical to make sure you only use a low heat setting (or a no heat setting if your dryer provides that option). Pop your pillow in the dryer on a gentle cycle for 10-20 minutes. Make sure to add dryer balls (or clean tennis balls) to help pound the clumps out of the memory foam. You can also add a blanket or another pillow to balance the load if you prefer. Don’t place your pillow in the dryer with other garments that have buttons or zippers as they could catch on the pillow’s material.

All pillow types will naturally begin to compress over time and although memory foam won’t soften as much as other pillow types, it is still important to revive your pillows every once in a while, to extend their lifespan and help you achieve more comfortable sleep. We hope these tips help you revive your pillows!

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