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Summer bedroom styling

Summer is finally here! The perfect time to give your bedroom a little summer refresh.

Summer bedroom styling

By Ashlee Durand.


Summer is finally here! The perfect time to give your bedroom a little summer refresh. Summer gets us feeling a different way. The warm weather brings happy and fun vibes, which I like my bedding to reflect. Summer is all about light and bright, so I love to bring the lighter colours and tones into the bedroom during this season.

There are a few colour combinations that I love during the warmer months and I’ll share these and some great ways to style your bedroom for Summer.

Firstly, white! There is nothing quite like that crisp clean luxe look you get with fresh white bedding. I know that white bedding can be scary and turn a lot of people off. Especially if your partner is a tradie… how do you keep your white bedding looking so fresh and clean? Remember Napisan is your best friend.

Or why not opt for a darker sheet with a white quilt cover. This still gives the desired look you’re after without the worry or staining your white sheets. A great tip is to add your coloured flat sheet to protect your white cover. The best thing about white is that pretty much every colour goes with it. So, play around with different colour combinations.

Currently I am loving Bamboo Haus’ 100% Bamboo Sheets in Khaki paired with a white quilt cover. I absolutely love this colour combo together and it is so on trend. Another match made in heaven is pink and white. Bamboo Haus’ Dusty Rose sheets are the perfect soft pink colour.

I love that you can change the whole look and feel of your bedroom by simply changing the colour of your sheets, cushions and throw blankets. A cost-effective way to change up the look and feel of your bedding is to stick to a neutral duvet cover and purchase several sheet colour options. For example a white or grey cover can be paired with any of Bamboo Haus’ Natural, Dusty Rose, Midnight, Mist, White, Terracotta or Khaki coloured sheets.

Another colour palette I adore for summer is Natural. Again, this works with so many colour options but isn’t as scary as white can be for some. It is also a colour that is very popular at the moment with the bohemian or boho style. The Natural Bamboo Haus sheet sets look stunning with a soft pink, white, sage green or beige quilt cover. Teamed up with some lighter coloured cushions and throw.

Now that you know what colour combinations I am loving, here is how I like to style my bed. I start with my Bamboo Haus Mattress Topper. The toppers are covered in a double-sided bamboo cover that can be easily removed for washing, and add an extra level of comfort to my bed. Next, I add my Bamboo Haus 100% Bamboo Sheets, followed by my quilt cover – I put it on the bed then fold the top over twice, giving it a luxe and plush look.  This also allows room for pillows and cushions. I then put two standard pillows at the back against the headboard, followed by two European sized pillows. In front of the two square cushions, I lastly place a rectangle cushion in front. All tied together with a throw over one corner end of the bed.

I love how you can see the sheet colour coming through with the added styled pieces adding that little bit extra. My number one rule for bed styling is too have fun and play around with colours, combinations and styles. You will be surprised at what colours work together!

The sheets to your bed are similar to make up – you want to start with that perfect base to make your look pop!


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