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Wool Dryer Balls or Dryer Sheets

Wool Dryer Balls
Natural wool dryer balls may be the sustainable alternative you've been looking for if you want to limit your environmental impact.

Wool Dryer Balls or Dryer Sheets

If you’ve ever raced out the door only to have someone gently tap you on the shoulder to inform you that your sweater has a pair of underpants attached to the back, you understand the value of dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets remove static cling and make clothing super soft, but are they causing more harm than good? Natural wool dryer balls may be the sustainable alternative you’ve been looking for if you want to limit your environmental impact – not to mention your family’s exposure to dangerous chemicals in standard dryer sheets.


Dryer Sheets

A traditional dryer sheet reduces static, softens, and leaves clothing smelling wonderful. Dryer sheets with a small layer of fabric softener target electrostatic charges and can even help prevent lint. 

Many dryer sheets contain harsh chemicals and other perfumes that attach to textiles, release into the air, and eventually rub off onto your skin, leading to asthma and skin issues.

From an environmental aspect, dryer sheets are a single-use product that releases harmful pollutants into the air and onto your clothes.

Dryer Sheets

Wool Dryer Balls 

The most typical material for dryer balls is tightly compressed wool, but others can be composed of plastic or rubber.

Tumbling between layers and separating fabric help prevent clothes from clumping together in the dryer. This motion improves the circulation of heated air, which helps speed up the drying process. The movement of the dryer balls against the fabrics can also aid with wrinkles, static, and softening.

Wool dryer balls soften clothing by bouncing off them. They work best with small and medium loads, so they have room to move around.

They retain heat and assist garments in staying separated in the dryer, allowing more air to move freely, cutting drying time by 25% per load.

Many experts say wool dryer balls are an environmentally friendly alternative to regular dryer sheets. They are natural and chemical-free. 100% wool dryer balls are also hypoallergenic, making them an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin and baby garments.

Dryer Balls

Are you ready to give wool dryer balls a shot? Then get a four-pack of Bamboo Haus reusable wool dryer balls.

Our wool dryer balls separate garments, allowing more air to reach them and preventing creases once the cycle has finished. They last up to 1,000 loads and are 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, our all-natural dryer balls are made entirely of New Zealand wool.

Bamboo Haus 100 Day Guarantee


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