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Luxury Gel Pillow



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Odour Resistant
Regulates Temperature
Velvety Smooth
100% Bamboo
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Say Goodnight with One of the Best Pillows in Australia.

Have an unforgettable sleep with our Bamboo memory foam pillow.

Side sleepers and hot sleepers, this is the pillow for you! If you’ve been searching for a cooling pillow, you’re not alone. Our Luxury Gel bamboo and memory foam pillow is the avenue to a perfect night’s sleep. The kind of sleep you wake up from feeling unsure what day it is but surprisingly refreshed because you’ve been dozing so deeply. The kind of sleep that somehow only happens on weekdays when the alarm is set for 6 am. Featuring a cooling ice fibre fabric pad on one side, and a firmer level of comfort, your new Luxury Gel Pillow will be the catalyst for a sound sleep every night.

Size: 60cm x 40cm

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Luxury Gel Pillow Luxury Gel Pillow
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John manikis
Verified ownerVerified owner

Best pillow i have slept in years

10 months ago

I traded my superior slumber for the luxury gel pillow as I need support due to athritis of the neck and I'm in love. It's so soft, yet supportive. Your head moulds into it and I have finally, after years of searching for a pillow where I don't wake in pain, have found the perfect pillow. I would also like to mention the lovely Karen whom I spoke to on the phone. It was the easiest return, hassle free and quick, I had my refund in the bank after a few days. Karen sent me emails, rang me to help and I can honestly say, it's the best customer service I've ever recieved. I can't believe how much I love the luxury gel pillow. It was really hot last night, so I flipped to the cooling side, and woke up 7 hrs later, which I haven't done for years. I feel like a new person.

1 year ago

As others have said, best nights sleep I’ve ever had. This pillow is fantastic! I’ve always had the discomfort of my pillows absorbing too much heat, resulting in me turning the pillow multiple times throughout the night to ‘get a cool bit’. The gel in this pillow keeps your head cool all night, with no overheating. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone who experiences the same issues with overheating. Aside from the gel. The pillow is extremely comfortable and a good height for those who sleep on their tummy.

2 years ago
Karen Walker

I am extremely picky with my pillows, however in desperate need of a new one. A friend recommended the gel pillow & I was sceptical. I have to say it is the best pillow I have ever had & should of changed over much sooner. I would highly recommend this pillow to everyone.

4 years ago

Was a little worried about buying a pillow online and not being to try/feel it first, but l thought why not give it a go seeing as you can send it back if you're not happy. Well l definately won't be returning mine! I love my new pillow, no neck pain and l love how cool it is to sleep on (l was worried about it feeling hot after a while). It just moulds to the shape of your head, it's amazing! Highly recommend.

4 years ago

this pillow has really help me sleep , it has helped me breath better and the fabric feels amazing on my skin. I strongly recommend this to everyone i know.

5 years ago

Level up your sleep game with a bamboo and charcoal infused memory foam pillow

Have a dreamy night’s sleep with the best pillows in Australia

Now with the added bonus of charcoal infused memory foam, The Luxury Gel Pillow purifies your sleep environment and helps regulate temperature, humidity, odour and moisture. With the combination of bamboo charcoal, you’ll be able to enjoy a deep and restful sleep each and every night.

The Luxury Gel Memory Foam Pillow was made for those who get toasty at night and need help with temperature regulation. Not only does it feature a cooling gel pad for enhancing supportive comfort, but it also has a dual-sided pillowcase with cutting-edge textile manufacturing. On one side, ice fibre fabric in a revolutionary weave makes the fabric cool to touch and maximises airflow properties. On the other side, you’ll find bamboo fibre fabric (40%) which is antibacterial, has low irritant and low allergy, with low odour qualities.

Luxury Bamboo Charcoal Pillow

The best pillow in Australia for hot sleepers


“Was a little worried about buying a pillow online and not being to try/feel it first, but l thought why not give it a go seeing as you can send it back if you’re not happy. Well, l definitely won’t be returning mine! I love my new pillow, no neck pain and l love how cool it is to sleep on. It just moulds to the shape of your head, it’s amazing! Highly recommend”

– Tracey

Everything you need to know about the Luxury Gel Pillow

Care tip:

For best results, and to keep your bamboo pillow in tip-top condition, we don’t recommend washing your Luxury Gel Memory Foam Pillow. Instead, remove the washable cover and simply wipe your bamboo pillow with a warm damp cloth, then allow it to air dry. The removable cover can be washed separately.


To maintain hygiene and ensure your pillow lasts, we recommend giving your pillow some extra love up to once a week. However, rather than throwing your actual pillow in the washing machine, remove your pillowcase and wash it in cold water with similar colours. Pilling is caused by excess heat, such as washing or drying on a hot setting, so a cold cycle is important. Do not bleach your pillowcase and make sure to tumble dry on low heat. Air drying helps to extend the life of the bamboo fibres, colours, and elasticity.

When you first receive your bamboo pillow and pillowcases, we recommend washing them before use. To preserve the softness for years to come, wash them in cold water, and air dry to help preserve the life of the bamboo fibres, colours, and elasticity. When not in use, store your pillow somewhere breathable out of direct sunlight. 

Are you a side sleeper? Do you enjoy a firm solid pillow? Or do you tend to sleep extra hot? If you answered yes to any of the above, the Luxury Gel Pillow is definitely for you. With its solid memory foam core and cooling gel pad, this pillow is best suited to those who prefer a firmer pillow or need additional back or neck support.

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If you’re after a planet-loving option for your bedding, you’ve come to the right place? The cultivation of organic bamboo has a green footprint requiring zero water, pesticides, fertilisers, and land clearing, with record C02 consumption. So, you can sleep easier knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet.

We offer a 100-Night Guarantee on all products. If you don’t love your new bamboo pillow, you can return it within 100 days. You can read more about our returns policy here