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100% Bamboo Pillowcases

The best organic bamboo pillowcase for an unforgettable sleep

The moment you rest your head on a bamboo pillowcase, you will understand the meaning of true comfort and luxury.

Each bamboo pillowcase set is 400 thread count bamboo, which is equivalent to 1000 thread cotton count. Bamboo fibre is extremely durable and deliciously soft.

The ultimate in comfort, you can truly relax as the silken bamboo gently caresses your skin and helps you get a dreamy night’s sleep. Wake up feeling like royalty after a comfortable sleep on the best bamboo pillowcase ever!

RRP $40 (1 pair)
RRP $40 (1 pair)
RRP $40 (1 pair)
RRP $40 (1 pair)

Juliet Love for Bamboo Haus Pillowcases

Experience the epitome of luxury with Juliet Love for Bamboo Haus Pillowcases. Uniquely designed with an unmatched 500 thread count, these pillowcases offer the ultimate softness and comfort for a truly restful sleep. Elevate your bedding ensemble and indulge in a world of pure bliss. Try them now and experience the difference!

Ocean Tide

Juliet Love Pillowcases

RRP $50 (1 pair)

Spring Bud

Juliet Love Pillowcases

RRP $50 (1 pair)
bamboo pillow cases

Angelic White

Juliet Love Pillowcases

RRP $50 (1 pair)

Pink Rose

Juliet Love Pillowcases

RRP $50 (1 pair)

Sky Cloud

Juliet Love Pillowcases

RRP $50 (1 pair)

Get the bedroom of your dreams!

Turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. Each bamboo pillowcase set has a luxurious, silken finish that will uplift and transform any bedroom.

Choose from a contemporary palette of colour options to personalise your space. You can even mix and match colours to satisfy the interior designer within you. Discover multiple size options to suit any pillow and any sleeper.

Creating a modern and natural sleep haven has never been easier; forget having a “private” quarter because you will want to show off your bedroom to everyone!

Promote a healthy bedtime routine with a dreamy organic bamboo pillowcase set

Only the best bamboo pillowcases for you and your family. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, meaning that you can breathe easy and reduce those allergy or asthma symptoms.

Dust mites; forget it. Sweaty and smelly sheets; not today. The porous structure of bamboo fibre wicks away moisture and controls odours.

Getting a healthy and hygienic sleep can finally be part of your nightly routine. Your family will thank you.


After years of rigorous research and testing, we’ve perfected a combination of nature and science to provide you with functional comfort for a restful sleep.

Reduces Breakouts

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial meaning your skin won't be exposed to dirt, oil, and bacteria buildup, which can cause breakouts.

Prevents Hair Damage

Sleeping on softer fabrics can prevent hair breakage. Bamboo will leave your hair smooth and tangle-free.

Prevents Wrinkles

Silky fabrics like bamboo run against the skin with less friction, which is great for reducing the pulling and tugging of the delicate skin on your face.

The best bamboo pillowcase for beauty sleep

A kiss awakened Sleeping Beauty, but you can wake up to a deliciously soft hug from your bamboo bedding instead.

Bamboo fibre has an organic ability to reflect and retain body temperatures longer than man-made fabrics, giving you a comfortable temperature all night long.

The round shape of bamboo fibre is what makes it so soft on your skin and helps you manage acne, rashes, sweating, and even wrinkles!

An organic bamboo pillowcase set is more than just a household item, it is an investment in your health.

Bamboo and silk are two of the most lavish sheet fabrics on the market. Both fabrics are known to help improve your sleep, but there are some crucial differences between them. Read more

Your pillowcase might be behind your breakouts without you realizing it. Bamboo bedding is beneficial for your skin, making it one of the best bedding fabrics. Read more


Crafted with an optimal 400 thread count, the Bamboo Haus collection of pure bamboo pillowcases will help you drift off into a restful slumber. Thread count refers to the density and number of threads in a square inch of the fabric — so, the higher the thread count, the thicker the material. Our bamboo bedding gives you the luxurious feel of a 1,000 thread count without its heat-trapping properties.

If you are a hot sleeper or find it hard to nod off during the hotter months, bamboo pillows and pillowcases offer many benefits to give you the rest you deserve. Their thermo-regulating properties wick moisture and sweat away from your body so that you can enjoy a hygienic, healthy and comfortable sleep, even in the peak of summer. It’s like sleeping on the cool side of the pillow.

Our organic bamboo pillowcases are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making them the perfect option for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. And unlike other pillowcase materials, which can cause split ends and damage your hair, bamboo pillowcases are incredibly smooth. This reduces friction and minimises breakage as you toss and turn throughout the night.

At Bamboo Haus, we have an extensive selection of bamboo pillowcases in Australia for you to choose from. Choose a standard size to fit any regular Australian pillow or upgrade to king size to maximise comfort. If you are unsure what size bamboo pillowcase is suitable for your pillow, review our size guide to ensure a perfect fit.

At Bamboo Haus, we’re your local bedding specialist. Our online store has everything you need to enjoy a soothing night’s slumber. If you have a question about our bamboo pillowcases, please review our FAQs or contact us for any other queries.