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White bamboo sheets
This comparison should assist you in deciding which material to use for your bed sheets for the best night's sleep!

Silk or Bamboo: Which sheet fabric is better?

Bamboo and silk are two of the most lavish sheet fabrics on the market. Both are wonderfully soft and have many fantastic benefits, such as hypoallergenic. Both fabrics are known to help improve your sleep, but there are some crucial differences between them. This comparison should assist you in deciding which material to use for your bedding for the best night’s sleep!


The first significant difference between the materials is how easy they are to clean and maintain. Bamboo is easier to care for than silk because it can be washed in a machine and air-dried to maintain its freshness. Bamboo is stain resistant and won’t discolour with time because it isn’t absorbent. Say your bamboo flat-sheet get dirty, all you have to do is toss them in the washing machine. 


While silk sheets can be washed in the machine, they must be handled with extreme caution to avoid being destroyed. Silk bedding can also be tough to maintain. To last an extended time, they must be professionally cleaned. The cost and trouble of cleaning silk sheets is a massive con for most people, especially since many experts recommend washing your bed linens weekly.


Silk may last a long time if properly cared for, but it should not be washed on a vicious cycle every week, or it will quickly wear out. Silk sheets are also not very resilient and can snag on rough skin or even a broken nail.


On the other hand, bamboo does not pill over time and can survive for 15 years if properly looked after. Bamboo sheets will retain their appearance after multiple washes. They also have a lower chance of snagging and unravelling. Both are long-lasting, but bamboo outlasts silk with proper care.


Unfortunately, the production of silk bedding requires the use of live silkworms, who are killed when the procedure is finished. While silk bedding can be considered (relatively) sustainable, creating silk materials is not environmentally friendly, and silk bedding is not an option for vegans or anyone concerned about animal welfare.


While bamboo bedding is considered one of the most environmentally sustainable fabric options on the market. When you buy bamboo sheets from a company like Bamboo Haus that sell 100% organic bamboo and is Oeko-Tex certified, you’re getting high-quality sheets created from a regenerative plant with no hazardous production procedures. Because it is considered grass because it grows incredibly quickly and can thus be harvested rapidly and responsibly, some bamboo varieties have been observed to produce almost a metre in a single day!


On the other hand, a silk sheet set requires approximately 12,000 cocoons, each of which must be spun by a single silkworm. Bamboo also absorbs five times the amount of carbon dioxide than other trees and produces five times the amount of oxygen. It also requires little water and no pesticides or harsh chemicals to grow. Unlike many other fabrics, including cotton.


Bamboo fibres have antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities. Bamboo sheets naturally wick moisture away, keeping your sheets fresh for longer. They’re ideal for those with sensitive skin or who have allergies. While natural silk does have certain hypoallergenic characteristics, these properties become less effective the longer the sheets are worn. Both materials are all-natural and offer people with skin conditions benefits. Both are very light and move delicately over your skin, which reduces the points of contact that can cause further irritation.


Do you sleep hot? If that’s the case, silk sheets aren’t the most outstanding choice for you when choosing between bamboo and silk sheets. Silk does not allow sweat or heat to pass through, resulting in overheating and sweat buildup during the night.


On the other hand, bamboo sheets feature small micro-gaps in the fibres that allow sweat and heat to escape and cool your body. Bamboo sheets have these tiny micro-gaps that give them a cooling, airy, and fresh sensation. Our 100% bamboo sheets have temperature regulating capabilities. When sleeping on bamboo sheets, your body temperature stays three degrees cooler than cotton or silk sheets.


Bamboo is a far more affordable option. The only method to reduce the cost of silk is to compare it to lower-quality silk sheets, in which case all of the benefits of silk are gone. Authentic silk sheets can cost upwards of $800 per sheet, while 100% bamboo is far less expensive.


Bamboo fabric is often compared to cashmere in terms of softness, as it is noticeably softer than silk. Unlike silk, it also becomes softer as it is washed. Bamboo Haus sheets are considered to be 300 thread-count, which is equivalent to 1000 thread-count weave Egyptian cotton. They have a sateen or silk like feel with all the added benefits. Our Bamboo sheets are the softest sheets to sleep on, if you want to try them out we offer free fabric samples so you can try before you buy.


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Each set contains 1 x flat-sheet, 1 x fitted-sheet and pillowcase.

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