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Bamboo Haus Mattress Topper



Odour Resistant
Regulates Temperature
Velvety Smooth
100% Bamboo
Free Shipping & Fast Dispatch

Meet our deliciously soft, cloud-like OEKO-TEX certified mattress topper

You’re about to completely transform your bed and enhance your sleep experience with our premium bamboo mattress topper.

We’ve engineered our luxury bamboo mattress topper for extra comfort and support for all sleepers. Comprehensive testing combined with new technology 50D quality memory foam has resulted in a bamboo mattress topper we’re so proud of, and our customers LOVE to sleep on.

No need to add to your housework load; this mattress topper is also covered in a two-sided bamboo cover that can be easily removed for washing. With reduced partner disturbance; spongey, supple comfort; and the thermoregulating and allergy-friendly benefits of bamboo, great sleep is finally something you get to enjoy every night thanks to the bamboo top mattress. Our bamboo mattress toppers also include corner straps for your convenience, to ensure your bamboo topper remains in place all night long.

14 reviews for Bamboo Haus Mattress Topper

  1. Marie (verified owner)

    Our Queen sized bed is a but soft for my sore back, bought this mattress topper after reading reviews and my bed is now a DREAM BED! so happy with this purchase. Its given the bed a but of firmness which is so incredibly comfortable. Love it so much!

  2. Michelle (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my bamboo mattress topper for my double bed. The BEST investment to aide my achey joins. The bamboo topper is super comfy. I fall asleep with ease and wake up free of join pain – a game changer! Highly recommend the bamboo mattress topper. Prompt delivery time. High quality product!

  3. Annie (verified owner)

    This mattress topper is a lot thicker and firmer than what I had previously. I do have a decent and not very old mattress, which I think is quite comfortable in itself. Since using the Bamboo topper, I sleep longer and deeper and I wake up with less morning stiffness than I did when I had the cheaper, thinner mattress protector/topper. That is all I need to know that I made the right choice.

  4. Collette Maher

    Bought three sets of these sheets they are just wonderful am so looking forward to getting a mattress topper as I believe they are magical

  5. Benita Goninan (verified owner)

    Amazing.. bought for the caravan which had a thin mattress , placed the bamboo topper onto mattress… so comfortable, made our caravan 5 star

  6. David Gibbons

    We were on a trip in our caravan and decided to add a mattress topper to our bed. It is so good, we are buying one for home.
    Try and you will never look back

  7. Helen (verified owner)

    Slept on the mattress topper at an air BnB in SA a couple of months ago – wow stripped bed back to find out what brand it was and took screen shot – wow ordered one as soon as I got home and I am one very happy customer – have had a few mattress toppers but yours is 100 percent THE BEST ONE and keeps it’s shape – AND saved purchase of a new mattress. Awesome to sleep on – gold star Bamboo Haus – have recommended to all my friends .

  8. Melissa Martin

    I decided to try bamboo sheets after hearing such great things about them. I opted for pure bamboo and found this website had the most competitive pricing for the high end quality I was looking for. Their sale prices were unbeatable and postage was incredibly prompt. The comfort and quality of these sheets is insane! Must be tried to be believed. I now have 5 sheet sets and will be returning for a mattress topper in the future.

  9. nicole (verified owner)

    I got excited about online shopping at Christmas and thought you know what… treat yourself. I purchased this queen bamboo mattress topper. I can 100% it was a great decision. Am I sleeping on a cloud! Gone are the days of lying on my 15-year-old mattress like a peasant. When I lay down at night now it’s like a welcoming bamboo hug. Totally worth the money!

  10. Dianne Perkins

    I bought myself a new expensive bed last year but it never felt amazing. I saw these mattress toppers online and purchased one. What a difference it has made. My bed is so much more comfortable and it feels so good to lie down. I honestly get a heaps better night sleep and wishes I had purchased a lot sooner. I’m buying one for our caravan and also for my Mum for Christmas.

  11. Ngaire Lowry

    After 10 years of shocking sleep due to chronic pain, I’ve been sleeping really well for the last week with our new king mattress plus this topper (and bamboo sheets; so amazing). The topper is soft and comfortable but allows the support of the mattress to be felt. It does tend to slip down the mattress towards the foot, but hopefully that will settle as it wears in. Being asleep is now enjoyable rather than a trial to endure, and I’m waking up somewhat refreshed, rather than exhausted 👏

  12. Jenna

    Turned an old mattress into the most comfortable sleep for our guest bedroom. All our guests now say they have the best sleep when they come over!

  13. Abbie Krieger

    We’ve recently purchased a king size Bamboo Haus mattress topper. We have a good mattress but we just we’re looking for a little more comfort. This topper is honestly amazing. Everynight we hop into bed we are so incredibly comfortable and then upon waking each morning we are amazed at how well we’ve slept. Thank you for giving us the perfect sleep. It is money well spent (We’ve had other mattress toppers before but nothing this luxurious) You will not regret it.. that’s certain!!

  14. Rebecca

    We purchased a bamboo mattress topper for our queen bed. It is fantastic! It is like sleeping on a brand new bed. We then added the bamboo sheets and are extremely happy.

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NEW Charcoal Infused Memory Foam

Our Mattress Toppers are designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support for a restful sleep. Now with the added bonus of charcoal infused memory foam, the mattress topper purifies your sleep environment and helps regulate temperature, humidity, odour and moisture. With the combination of bamboo charcoal, you’ll be able to enjoy a deep and restful sleep each and every night.

Bamboo Haus Mattress Topper with Charcoal Infused Memory Foam

The bamboo mattress topper that gets you the best REMs


Single 188cm x 91cm

King Single 203 x 106cm

Double 188 x 138cm

Queen 203 x 152cm

King 203cm x 182cm

Please note the elastic on our mattress toppers is not designed to be pulled and secured under your mattress. If you have a mattress higher than 20cm, we recommend you secure your topper to the bed by placing the straps around the corner of the mattress, as pictured.

A sleep-changing mattress topper for every bed

Mattress toppers are suitable for every bed, even if that bed is in a caravan, van, or pull-out lounge. Our toppers add some extra luxury centimetres (5cm) between your mattress and you, making your sleep a dreamy one no matter where you use it. A mattress topper will also contour to the shape of your body, providing softness and support when you need it most.

Why choose a bamboo mattress topper?

Bamboo Haus Mattress Topper with Charcoal Infused Memory Foam

Our mattress toppers are covered in a two-sided bamboo cover that can be easily removed for washing.

Side One: Ice Fibre Fabric is made from cutting edge textile manufacturing in a revolutionary weave which makes the fabric cool to touch and maximises air flow properties.

Side Two: Bamboo Fibre Fabric (40%) which has the unique properties of bamboo: Anti- bacterial, low irritant, low allergy, and low odour qualities, is breathable to regulate air flow and is moisture wicking drawing moisture away from the skin. The pillowcase is removable for gentle machine washing and maximum hygiene.

The cover also features a gusseted side which allows the memory foam to breathe. Bamboo is thermo-regulating, which means you will keep cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The porous structure of Bamboo makes it highly absorbent, so it takes moisture away from the body.

Mattress Topper Care and FAQs

Care tip:

Your mattress topper includes memory foam, a two-sided cover, a gusseted side, and straps to attach the topper to your mattress. There are a few different parts, but the strong nature of bamboo ensures each remains durable when slept on and washed.

When you receive your topper, you will notice a ‘crease’ down the centre which is only due to shipping. Lay the topper flat on your bed and allow about 1 week for the “crease” to relax for your complete comfort.


Good news! The two-sided bamboo cover that encases our mattress topper can be removed when it’s time to be washed. Simply wash your bamboo mattress topper cover with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle, preferably on cold. Do not use bleach, harsh detergents, or fabric softeners, as the chemicals in these can damage the natural bamboo fibre and can discolour or mark. Once your cover is washed, air dry it in a warm, dry place and enjoy a healthy and hygienic sleeping environment. We recommend line drying which helps to extend the life of the bamboo fibres, colours, and elasticity.

Our bamboo mattress topper is 5cm thick for extra support and comfort. Each bamboo top mattress also includes corner straps to ensure the bamboo topper remains in place all night long and you don’t wake up tangled in bedsheets.

We have multiple payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Afterpay, ZIP Pay, and PayPal.

If you’re after a planet-loving option for your bedding, you’ve come to the right place? The cultivation of organic bamboo has a green footprint requiring zero water, pesticides, fertilisers, and land clearing, with record C02 consumption. So, you can sleep easier knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet.

We offer a 100-Night Guarantee on all products. If you don’t love your new bamboo mattress topper, you can return it within 100 days. You can read more about our returns policy here.

Charcoal infused memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and resists bacterial growth. It also helps to regulate moisture, temperature, and odour.