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A good set of sheets should last for many years and still feel of excellent quality.

Maximise the benefits of your bamboo bedding

We believe that bamboo is one of the sturdiest fabrics out there. Not only is it softer than cotton, but it lasts much longer as well. Follow these bamboo bedding care tips to keep your bamboo bedding soft for as long as possible!

To ensure your sheets stay in good condition, do not wash them with bleach or vinegar-based laundry detergents. This helps reduce the risk of damage from acidic products and ensures that the quality of the fabric is not compromised. Wash your sheets on a gentle cycle without any fabric softener – they’re soft enough already!

It is recommended to wash your sheets at least once a week. The number of times you should wash your sheets varies for different seasons due to the changing climate.

We recommend you air-dry your sheets every couple of weeks as this increases the freshness of the sheets by causing the fibres to expand naturally. Alternatively, you can place your bamboo sheets in the dryer, but be sure to dry them on a low and gentle cycle. Bamboo does not retain wrinkles, so they will become wrinkle-free in a few hours even if you don’t take them out of the dryer straight away.

You may notice if you don’t fold your bamboo sheets straight away when you bring your them in from the washing line, that they could appear more wrinkled. Not to worry – once you fold them to store in a cupboard, or place them on your bed, the wrinkles will drop. And, there is nothing as luxurious as the feeling of fresh, clean, and silky soft 100% bamboo sheets on your bed.

By following these simple instructions, you can ensure that your bamboo sheets last for years with the same feeling they had when you first bought them.

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