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Sarah Kerns

Sleep like a baby

By Sarah Kearns.

I’ll snuggle and cuddle my baby to sleep, because time races by and babies don’t keep.

Ah sleep, the elusive, slippery action that seems to always be just out of our grasp as parents. Whoever said they wanted to sleep like a baby, clearly was not a parent. From the moment these little people enter the world we realise a couple of things; it is our job to keep them safe and comfortable, and that we would do almost anything for a whole night’s sleep.



Planning and designing a nursery during your pregnancy is one of the most fun tasks as a soon-to-be parent. We choose themes, colours, the cutest soft toys- but how much time are we placing on sleep safety? It is easy to check that your babies’s sleep environment follows the ‘Red Nose’ Safe Sleeping Guidelines so you can sleep soundly, well between the feeds and the resettles, of course!

THE RED NOSE SAFE SLEEP GUIDELINES: https://rednose.org.au/

1) Always place baby on their back to sleep

2) Keep babies face and head uncovered. This means there is no need to spend money on blankets and quilts! Baby is safest sleeping on a tightly fitted cot sheet, with a baby sleep bag for warmth!

3) Keep baby smoke free, before and after birth.

4) Safe sleeping environment, night and day- baby to sleep with their feet at the bottom of the cot. Use safe bedding- lightweight, firmly tucked in and if using a top sheet, only pulled to the baby’s chest.

5) Sleep baby in a safe cot in parents room for the first 6-12 months.

6) Breastfeed baby.



As we’ve learnt above, the best bedding for babies is one that is light weight, tightly fitted and of course, comfortable for their little bodies. Bamboo Haus cot sheets are 100% organic bamboo. They use Bamboo as it is breathable, low allergy, moisture wicking, soft, lightweight and long lasting. Bamboo Haus cot sheets are temperature regulating- that means they are warm in winter and cool in summer.

Did you know Bamboo Haus Cot Sheets are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified! What does this mean? It means their sheets are tested for harmful chemicals and is safe for human use. I ensure I look for this independent certification when choosing linen for my children.

If you needed any more reasons to trust Bamboo Haus, the Cot Sheets are naturally antibacterial, microbial and odour resistant as well as being sustainable grown, meaning you can be sure you’ve made a brilliant choice in linen for your precious baby and the environment.

Before you know if, your tiny baby will be a little toddler bouncing on their bed (don’t blink, you may miss it!) – Bamboo Haus has a beautiful range of flat sheets and baby pram blankets that are divine- they make gorgeous gifts too!


You may feel lonely as you feed your baby again, as you pace the hallways rocking and swaying, or sit next to a cot and pat a little bottom back off to sleep, but you aren’t alone. Mothers and Fathers everywhere, all over the world are awake too, responding to their babies. During this phase of parenting, it feels like the nights go forever. And I know its hard to believe, but now this phase is over for me, there is nothing I wouldn’t give to go back for just one night.

And remember; you are doing a great job.










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