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Benefits of 100% Organic Bamboo Sheet vs Bamboo Blends in Australia

Bamboo sheets are growing in popularity across Australia due to their luxurious feel. They help you to get a comfortable night’s sleep all year round. At Bamboo Haus, every bamboo sheet set is made using pure 100% organic bamboo. These days, you see many bamboo blends advertised on the market as a close alternative. Below, we explore how blends compare to the real thing.

What is a Blended Bamboo Sheet Set?

A blended bamboo sheet is made up of pure bamboo mixed with one or several other materials, including:

  • cotton
  • linen
  • polyester
  • microfibre

Blending is a common way to manufacture a cheaper product. Blended bamboo sheets drastically reduce all the desired qualities offered by pure bamboo sheets, including moisture-wicking, temperature regulation and durability as well as softness and overall feel.

Impact of Blend Ratio

As you may expect, the higher the ratio of other materials compared to bamboo in the blend, the lower the quality. Any blend ratio below 70% bamboo is unlikely to be able to replicate the soft feel and thermo-regulating qualities of 100% pure bamboo. To reflect this reduction in quality, blended bamboo sheets will (and should!) be less expensive.


It’s worth noting that blended bamboo sheets are not as environmentally sustainable as pure organic bamboo. Cotton production, for example, is labour intensive and requires a lot of water and chemicals. By comparison, the production of organic bamboo sheets has little effect on the environment. Organic bamboo regenerates quickly and has a green footprint.

Are Blended Bamboo Sheets Worth It?

While certain blended bamboo sheets can be good, nothing will ever compare to the luxury and quality of a 100% organic bamboo sheet set. Of all the blends, a linen one will offer the closest replica to pure bamboo as they share some qualities so long as the ratio is at minimum 80% bamboo to 20% linen.

Ultimately, the cost difference is negligible when considering the long-term benefits of pure bamboo bedding. For a little more investment, you’ll enjoy unimaginable comfort and restful sleep for years to come.

Pure Organic Bamboo Sheets from Bamboo Haus

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