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How to care for your Bamboo Haus products

We are very proud of our Bamboo Haus sheets and pillowcases, especially how soft and gentle they are on your skin, and on our planet. Our products are best cared for with gentleness, so follow these simple care instructions to help preserve the softness for years to come.


We highly recommend washing your sheets and pillowcases before using them. Bamboo Haus sheets and pillowcases are made slightly larger to allow for shrinkage on your first wash and dry. This shrinkage is the softening of the bamboo ‘Kun’ and results in the fabric feeling softer and more luxurious. We recommend you wash your Bamboo Haus sheets and pillowcases every 1-2 weeks. In fact, the more you wash them the softer the bamboo fabric becomes.

Our Bamboo Haus Sheets and pillowcases will love it if you:
  • Wash them in cold water, at 30C max, on a gentle cycle.
  • Wash them separately, to avoid them coming into contact with zippers, buckles and rough fabrics (such as denim), as these can cause unwanted pilling and abrasion.
  • Bamboo fibre is a delicate fibre and therefore it is recommended you use a delicate or mild detergent to help make the sheets last longer.
  • Do not use bleach, harsh detergents or fabric softeners, as the chemicals in these can damage the natural bamboo fibre and can discolour or mark your sheets.

As the density of bamboo fibre is heavier than cotton you do require slightly longer drying times. Line drying helps to extend the life of the bamboo fibres, colours, and elasticity. However, If you choose to use a dryer, choose a low-mid heat and a low tumble cycle (too much heat can damage the bamboo fibre). Do not over-dry and remove from the dryer as soon as drying is complete to avoid wrinkles.


We know how important storage is for your Bamboo Haus sheets and pillowcases, so we have packed them in a reusable bag that is made from the same beautiful Bamboo Haus fabric making it the perfect breathable storage bag for your sheets and pillowcases when not in use.


Some pilling is normal for natural fibres and is not a manufacturing fault. Pilling is caused by excess heat (washing in hot water or using hot heat in the dryer), abrasion from continual friction or rubbing (body stubble, long nails, washing with other hard fabrics), and harsh chemicals (detergents, bleach, fabric softener). If you constantly ‘toss-and-turn’ at night, we recommend using a Bamboo Haus mattress topper under the sheets to reduce the friction of the sheets rubbing on the mattress.

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