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Cotton vs. Bamboo Sheets

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There is a vast selection of sheets on the market today. It is wise to research a new product, especially one that is at a higher price point, carefully before purchase.

Cotton vs. Bamboo Sheets

Sheets are available in a fantastic array of materials; the most popular are bamboo and cotton. Here we explain the similarities and differences between bamboo and cotton sheets so you can decide which is best for you.

Sheets are usually made from cotton, which is both cheap and easy to manufacture. As cotton sheets are more affordable, their thread count is generally lower, making them more prone to pilling and wearing out quickly. For those who are cold at night, cotton is an obvious choice. However, if you tend to sweat at night, or you feel experience the cold at other times, the thermoregulating properties of 100% bamboo sheets offer perfect comfort all year round.

Cotton and bamboo are both natural materials, but both fabrics are made differently. Cotton is grown by using a lot of pesticides, most of which are harmful to our health. In addition, manufacturing cotton sheets is not an environmentally friendly process because of the many pesticides needed to grow. Because bamboo farming requires no pesticides and requires freshwater irrigation, it is considered more environmentally friendly than cotton cultivation.

The other big difference between cotton and bamboo is that cotton absorbs moisture while bamboo wicks it away. In contrast, moisture-absorbing fabrics like cotton are thicker and designed to soak up sweat. This means that cotton is more likely to have bacterial growth, which can require more frequent washing.

Bamboo fabric tends to be more durable and can be easily cleaned. Bamboo-based fabric does not require heavy-duty washing machines but needs to be run through the dryer if you want to avoid wrinkles. For cotton, a gentler cycle is needed. It should be washed less frequently to avoid wear and tear.

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