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Hot Sleepers: Sleep in Comfort This Summer

If you’re looking for functional comfort this summer, Bamboo Haus has a variety of high-quality sleep solutions to consider.

What’s all this buzz about bamboo bedding? Well, more and more Aussies are experiencing the amazing benefits of bamboo bedding, which offers natural ventilation and thermoregulation to promote a comfortable sleep. If you’re looking for functional comfort this summer, Bamboo Haus has a variety of high-quality sleep solutions to consider. Check out our recommendations for bamboo bedding to help hot sleepers rest easy during a steamy summer night.

Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper

One of the most popular Bamboo Haus products for keeping cool is our bamboo mattress topper. This supple spongey layer belongs under bamboo sheets and bamboo pillowcases, offering functional comfort for an easier time falling and staying asleep. Our luxury mattress topper has a two-sided bamboo cover that’s easy to take off for washing. On one side you have revolutionary Cool ICE fabric to keep air flowing all night long, while the other side features low-odour and low-irritant bamboo fibre fabric. The moisture-wicking bamboo maximises hygiene, too.

Organic Bamboo Sheets

For hot sleepers who struggle to get decent sleep in the summer, bamboo sheets are a lifesaver. Our organic bamboo sheets are deliciously soft and incredibly durable, giving you the best of both worlds. When you invest in a bamboo sheet set, you can look forward to naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and thermoregulating bedding that feels as soft as it looks. Bamboo sheets offer ample airflow for stuffy summer nights and lock in warmth during the winter to keep you comfortable all year long.

Organic Bamboo Pillow Cases

Once you have your bamboo top mattress and bamboo sheet set sorted, all that’s left is organic bamboo pillow cases. If you’re trying to stay cool this summer, you’ll love our 100% pure bamboo pillowcases with thermoregulating sateen weave. We recommend these for a silky smooth sleep surface with better air flow that will undoubtedly help with comfortable sleep. The anti-bacterial and low-allergen properties are a bonus we like to point out as well!

Stay Cool with a Bamboo Mattress Topper

If you want better sleep, Bamboo Haus has luxurious pillows like marshmallow clouds and a bamboo top mattress to keep you cool all summer long. Discover our bamboo mattress topper today.

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