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What pillow is right for me?

Bamboo Haus Luxury Gel Pillow
We often get asked by our customers to recommend the best Bamboo Haus pillow for them. 

What pillow is right for me?

We want to assist you in making the best choice for you and your family – so we have analysed our four different pillow types and noted their main distinctions to help narrow down the choice.

The Original Bamboo Pillow – Cool Comfort

This was the original bamboo pillow Feel My Bamboo introduced and our hero product that Australia first fell in love with. It contains high-quality shredded memory foam wrapped in a 5mm thick sheet of memory foam and includes our bamboo/polyester blend pillowcase. These are available in a Standard or King size.

BEST IF: You like a slightly firmer and higher loft pillow

Superior Slumber Bamboo Pillow

This pillow is filled with our blend of high-quality shredded memory foam mixed with microfiber. This blend stops the shredded memory foam from clumping together. This pillow enables you to adjust the height to your personal preference (by adding or removing memory foam). There are two different fabric sides so that you can decide which side works best for you. It is available in two sizes – Standard or King.

The pillow comes with a bag of extra fill, and we have also recently added the option to purchase extra fill if you would like even more height in your pillow.

BEST IF: You like a softer pillow, with height adjustment

Luxury Gel Pillow

This pillow has a solid memory foam core. There are two different fabric sides so that you can decide which side works best for you. One side is made of Ice fibre fabric for coolness and the other is Bamboo fibre fabric for softness and comfort.

This pillow is available in Standard.

BEST IF: You like a firmer pillow or are wanting to keep cool throughout the night.

If you are still unsure about which pillow is best for you and your family, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Also, remember our 100 Day Guarantee – Love it or Return it!

Bamboo Haus 100 Day Guarantee


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