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Juliet Love 100% Bamboo Sheet Set

(7 customer reviews)

Looking for sheet separates, click here to shop the Juliet Love mix and match bundle


Odour Resistant
Regulates Temperature
Velvety Smooth
100% Bamboo
Free Shipping & Fast Dispatch

This set includes: two pillowcases, fitted sheet and flat sheet

Made from the highest quality 500 thread count bamboo fibres, our sheet sets are incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and gentle on your skin. Complete your bedding ensemble with the essential bamboo trio: a pack of 2 pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet.

Our 100% bamboo fitted sheets are designed to fit snugly over your mattress. With deep sides and high-quality elastic, it stays securely in place, even on the most restless nights.

We believe in offering only the best for our customers. Our sheet sets are made from 100% organic bamboo, a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. By choosing our bamboo sheets, you not only indulge in ultimate comfort but also contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Upgrade your bedding experience with the Juliet Love Sheet Set and transform your sleep sanctuary into a haven of comfort and style. Embrace the luxurious softness, hypoallergenic properties, and breathability of our 100% bamboo sheets.

Please note that the product colour may vary slightly from the colours shown on your monitor. If you need help deciding what colour to select, you can order a free fabric swatch here.

We have generous sizing to cater to many bed types. Wash before your first use for a better fit.

7 reviews for Juliet Love 100% Bamboo Sheet Set

  1. Nikkie (verified owner)

    I have purchased multiple sets of these sheets in a range of colours and they are an absolute dream to sleep in. I am now addicted. Highly recommended and customer service is fantastic

  2. Denise Lazenby (verified owner)

    While I personally didn’t like the silky texture and satin finish of the sheets and quilt cover, I can’t fault Banboo Haus customer service. As soon as I notified them, they immediately sent a return slip and the money was credited to my account as soon as they received the package. No hesitation in recommending them. Thankyou

  3. Jenny (verified owner)

    Love these sheets, they are so silky and light. I’ve just purchased my second pair in white, they are beautiful! They wash well and the “side” tabs are a great idea.

  4. Annie (verified owner)

    I got the sheet set thinking I don’t really need pillowcases as I had converted to sleeping on silk pillowcases a couple of years ago. Well, I find these bamboo ones at least as comfortable as the silk and the sheets are amazing. Seem to go well in the wash – 30 degrees wool cycle and a dryer setting on low temperature. These are worth the money, and I would rather afford one set of these lux sheets than two or three that are cotton or microfibre blends. Get them on sale to try them out – you won’t go back. I have ordered another fitted and flat sheet for my bed, and a quilt cover set almost immediately after the first purchase.

  5. Amanda Daff

    There is no question – these are the best sheets you’ve slept in. Once you’ve slept in them it really is hard to settle for anything else! So cooling, unbelievably silky, and beautifully thick. There aren’t enough stars to give these sheets. Mind equals blown!

  6. TAMEE RENE’ BRANCATI (verified owner)

    As a lover of beautiful bedlinen I have tried many brands. These heavenly sheets by Bamboo Haus are honestly the best sheets I have ever slept on. They are silky smooth against the skin, soft and light weight. The quality is amazing. Beautifully stitched and I love the extra thick elastic banding of their fitted sheets. For my husband to comment “wow, where did these come from. They feel so silky” when he’s never commented on any previous bed linen we’ve slept in, says it all. I’d give it a 10 stars!

  7. Rebecca

    These could possibly be the best sheets out on the market! I love how they feel, the side tags mean my husband can actually make the bed (and me without frustration) and the colours are just so beautiful. I have mixed and matched like in the photos and now our bedroom looks like an interior designer pulled it together. What a lovely range, full of quality and not with the price tag of some of the other brands!

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Choose your perfect bamboo sheet set

All size sets include 1x Bamboo Fitted Sheet, 1x Bamboo Flat Sheet and 2x Bamboo Pillowcases.

Every set includes plain pillowcases. Our French stripe sets do not include striped pillowcases, they include plain pillowcases instead.

Beautiful home, Beautiful Planet

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. Its natural properties make it incredibly soft, hypoallergenic, and gentle on the skin. The breathability of the bamboo fabric ensures a cool and comfortable sleep experience.

Additionally, bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice, as it is a renewable resource requiring minimal water and pesticides. Upgrade to bamboo bedding and embrace luxurious comfort while positively impacting the environment.

More than a good night's sleep

You can sleep easy

We offer a 100-Night Guarantee return policy for extra peace of mind.

Think Green, Shop Green

What really sets our products apart is their eco-friendly credentials. No nasty blends here! All our bedding is made from 100% Bamboo, one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.

Silky smooth and feeling like no other

You won't want to sleep between any other sheets after sleeping with the luxury of 100% Bamboo. It's unmatched comfort and silk-like softness. From the first touch, you'll be in love. 

Making your bed has never been easier

Our 100% bamboo fitted sheets are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. They feature extra depth to fit over your mattress seamlessly, providing a snug and secure fit that won’t slip or bunch up during the night.

To ensure that our fitted sheets are durable and long-lasting, we have included French seams on the corners to prevent wear and tear. This means you can enjoy our bamboo sheets’ softness and comfort for years to come.

Making your bed can be a hassle, so we have included helpful label cues on each side of the fitted sheet. This removes the stress of making your bed and eliminates the guesswork of figuring out which side of the sheet goes on your mattress.

Everything you need to know about purchasing and caring for bamboo sheets

We offer a 100-Night Guarantee on all products. If you don’t love your new bamboo sheets, you can return them within 100 days. You can read more about our returns policy here.

Please note that, like other natural fibres, bamboo may be prone to slight pilling. To prevent additional pilling, please avoid friction with rough surfaces and follow the wash and care instructions provided with your product.

Wash your sheets in cold water on a gentle cycle. It is best to wash sheets separately so that they don’t come into contact with zippers, buckles or rough fabrics. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as these can damage the natural bamboo fibre and cause discolouration.

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification is an independent international textile testing and certification system. It has been designed to ensure textiles aren’t created with harmful substances. In the test, they consider numerous implications that may be detrimental to human health. They test that all components comply with the criteria; this includes threads, buttons, and zips.

Air drying is the preferred method to extend the life of your bamboo sheets. If you choose to use a dryer, select a low to medium heat and avoid over-drying. Remove as soon as finished to avoid wrinkles.

The cooling effect of our moisture-wicking, thermoregulating bamboo sheets and pillowcases are a dream for hot sleepers. They also help regulate temperatures throughout hot and cold seasons.

100% bamboo sheets help keep you warm as they are thermoregulating. The micro-gaps in bamboo fibre aid ventilation, by trapping cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, by 2–3 degrees.

Looking for an Earth-friendly option for your bedding? The cultivation of organic bamboo has a green footprint requiring zero water, pesticides, fertilisers, and land clearing, with record C02 consumption. So, you can sleep easier knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet.

We might be biased, but we’re definitely Team Bamboo here. Bamboo is a more breathable fibre, thanks to its ability to wick moisture away from the skin. It’s also self-replenishing, making it a more environmentally friendly option. From a care perspective, bamboo stays feeling soft, natural, and sturdy even after many washes. There are plenty more reasons why we love bamboo, so if you’re looking for more information, we’re here to help.

We offer a 100-Night Guarantee on all products. If you don’t love your new bamboo sheets, you can return them within 100 days. You can read more about our returns policy here.

We have multiple payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Afterpay, ZIP Pay, and PayPal.

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification is an independent international testing and certification system for textiles. It has been designed to ensure textiles aren’t created with harmful substances. In the test, they take into account numerous substances, which may be harmful to human health. They test that all components comply with the criteria, this includes threads, buttons, and zips.