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Juliet Love tells us why she fell in love with bamboo and Bamboo Haus’ new Winter range of ethically produced quality, smooth, natural 100% bamboo bedding. She shares how to harness the power of colour psychology by using them to completely change the feel of your room with a simple change of your sheets.

Why I love Bamboo Sheets & How to Style the New Colour Range

Sustainability is a buzzword in interiors right now, and it’s something I’ve been interested in for some time. We’re seeing a shift away from mass-produced, poorly crafted furniture and decor and a move toward more eco-friendly products that don’t harm our beautiful earth. Bamboo is the perfect material to start your journey to a safer and more environmentally friendly interior. It’s good for your health, good for the planet, and looks and feels stunning.

I first heard of bamboo a few years ago as a fashion textile, but as bedlinen, it’s even better because it’s naturally silky soft, making bedtime a joy.

The manufacturing process is eco-friendly and uses no chemicals in a closed loop system, so it’s a healthier choice. It’s also superior to fabric like cotton, which requires enormous amounts of water to grow and degrades the soil each time it is harvested. On the other hand, bamboo uses very little water and is cut above the soil level, meaning the earth below is left alone.

If you’re thinking about trying bamboo sheets, Bamboo Haus has a brilliant new range of fashion-forward colours that would suit a multitude of interior styles.

I must admit, white sheets are my all-time favourite, but it’s fun to introduce colour to your bedlinen – it can really add a wow factor, plus it’s more practical than white. You can also harness the powers of colour psychology by using them – completely changing the feel of your room with a simple change of your sheets.

Light Olive

Light Olive is one of my favourite colours in the new range because it is such a beautiful, easy colour to live with. In nature, light green represents fresh new growth. It also represents universal peace – it is restorative, refreshing, and reassuring. Who wouldn’t want that from their bed sheets?


Navy is a timeless colour – it goes with a Hampton’s look, or when paired with more unexpected colours like teal, as we did for our photo shoot, it can have a more modern eclectic look. Perfect for a masculine interior (bachelors out there, take note if you want to impress your future wife), or equally as perfect as a gift for a female in your life (your Mum would love these!).


Mustardis a bright, happy colour that sings in a bedroom! It looks gorgeous paired with earthy brown and soft peach as we have here. You might feel unsure about using such a bright colour, but clever colour combinations soften it while still allowing it to shine! It also works beautifully in a boho-style room, which is all the rage in design right now.


Lilac is a lovely, soft, feminine colour that is ideal in a little girl’s room, but if you wanted to make it more ‘grown up’, – it is just as gorgeous when given more depth by adding a deeper tone like grey. Here we’ve combined it with pink, which works for adults and children alike!


Like white,charcoal is the classic, stylish shade that works with almost any interior. Sticking to a monochrome palette of greys and white as we have for our shoot will ensure a chic outcome every time, but for a completely different look, you could pair it with a bright colour like hot pink or green.


Burgundy is a rich, luxurious colour that evokes images of royalty and palaces. We gave it a modern twist by pairing it with olive green, but it looks fabulous with white, beige or cream, which lightens it up and makes it feel more contemporary.

Ready to add some colour to your bedroom? Creamy-soft sheets and luxury bedding are at your fingertips with Bamboo Haus.

Check out our bestselling organic 100% bamboo sheets today.

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